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Issuing Hungarian citizenship certificate

Dear Visitor,

We hereby inform you that citizenship, native registry and change of name matters previously assigned to the Office of Immigration and Nationality are transferred to the Prime Minister’s Office and to the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest as of 1 January 2017. From this date our new name is Immigration and Asylum Office.

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The attestation of Hungarian citizenship – definitions

Hungarian citizenship may be attested by means of:

• a valid Hungarian identity card,
• a valid Hungarian passport, or
• a valid citizenship certificate.
• a certificate of naturalisation – until proven otherwise.

If a Hungarian national cannot attest his/her Hungarian citizenship by means of the above documents, the Hungarian citizenship can also be attested by a Hungarian passport void due to the expiry of the period of validity - until proven otherwise - during a one year period after the expiry.

The register of personal data and addresses confirms the Hungarian citizenship of Hungarian citizens on file therein.

What is attested by a citizenship certificate?

The citizenship certificate attests

• the existence of Hungarian citizenship,
• the termination (withdrawal) of Hungarian citizenship,
• or the fact that the person indicated in the certificate is not a Hungarian citizen.

Citizenship certificate containing further information is also available on request, e.g., if any foreign authority asks to confirm when and how the applicant acquired the Hungarian citizenship, or whether the applicant was a Hungarian citizen at a specific date or time period.

How may a citizenship certificate be used?

The certificate may be used for:

• employment or studies abroad, if requested by a foreign authority,
• processing probate cases,
• purchase of real estate in Hungary,
• in any proceedings before a Hungarian or foreign authority in which the citizenship status must be verified by a citizenship certificate.

How long is the citizenship certificate valid for?

The citizenship certificate is valid for three years from the date of issue. During this period of time it certifies the data contained therein. The expiration of the validity - of course - does not entail a change of citizenship status.

Eligible persons

Who can request a citizenship certificate?

• Any person of legal age living in Hungary or abroad may request a citizenship certificate, regardless of his/her citizenship.

• On behalf of a person with limited legal capacity of with no legal capacity his/her legal representative shall proceed.

• An application for verifying the citizenship of another person may be submitted by an applicant who justifies his/her legitimate interest in this regard.

Attorneys and other authorised persons may not submit the application. However, they may submit the missing documents and receive the certificate if their power of attorney includes these actions.

Submission of the application

Where and how the application shall be submitted?

The application for a citizenship certificate shall be submitted in person on the designated application form to:

• the district (capital district) office of the capital and county government offices,
• to the integrated customer service ("e-government"),
• to the Hungarian consular officials, or
• to the regional directorates of the Office of Immigration and Nationality.

On receipt of the application, the applicant's identity shall be verified and his/her signature shall be authenticated. Subsequently, the application and its attachments shall be forwarded to the Nationality Directorate of the Office of Immigration and Nationality.

Is a citizenship certificate subject to duty?

The citizenship certificate is subject to duty. The procedural fee is HUF 3,000 which in Hungary shall be paid in duty stamp, while abroad it shall be paid according to the information obtained from the consul.


Click to the following link to download the form required for the filling of the application.

- Hungarian citizen living in Hungary
- Application for certificate of citizenship

Forms in PDF can be downloaded and filled in handwritten:

- Hungarian citizen living in Hungary
- Application for certificate of citizenship

Required attachments

Which documents shall be attached to the application?

An application for a citizenship certificate shall be accompanied by:

• a birth certificate,

• proof of marital status (marriage certificate, final divorce decree, spouse's death certificate);

• parents' birth and marriage certificates,

Hungarian citizens living in Hungary shall attach only their own birth and marriage certificate and the parents' marriage certificate. If they fail to attach the above documents, the Office of Immigration and Nationality shall obtain the registry certificates regarding the domestic registration event ex officio.

• if the applicant or his ancestors left Hungary before 1945, it is also expedient to attach the appropriate document in proof or presumptive proof of Hungarian citizenship (such as an old Hungarian passport, identity card, residence certificate or former citizenship documents, former document issued by the contemporary Hungarian authorities, in particular school certificate, occupation card, soldier card, address registration form, documents on change of name, etc).

• If the applicant has no residence in Hungary, a power of attorney for service shall also be attached to the application, unless he/she requests that the certificate be forwarded to the Hungarian consular officer.
The application shall be accompanied by the application form required for the national registration of registry events that had occurred abroad, and if the applicant wishes to establish a residence in Hungary the application form required for the entry into the citizens' register of personal data and addresses shall also be attached.

The applicant may choose whether to appear in the register as a Hungarian citizen living abroad or to declare a place of residence in Hungary. In the first case, there is no separate form designated for this purpose; and the Office of Immigration and Nationality shall ensure the registration based on the foreign residence indicated on the application form for verification of citizenship. The applicant shall receive the citizenship certificate together with the national registry certificate, the official card certifying his/her personal identification number and the official address card (residence card), since all these procedures are conducted by the Office of Immigration and Nationality.
If the applicant declares a residence in Hungary the data sheet shall be forwarded by the Office of Immigration and Nationality to the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services for registration.

Registry certificates – including foreign registry certificates – shall be attached to the application in original. Unless otherwise provided by the terms of an international agreement the documents issued in a foreign language shall be accompanied by a certified Hungarian translation and shall be furnished with diplomatic or consular legalisation. Certified Hungarian translations are prepared by the National Office for Translation and Attestation in Hungary.

Hungarian citizenship (as a rule) is obtained by descent. Therefore, - if the ancestor was born and got married abroad – in order to prove the descent it is required to attach certificates proving births and marriages abroad going back to the first ancestor born in Hungary.

During the first contact with the authority the applicant shall – together with the submission of a power of attorney for service – name an agent for service if he/she has no residence in Hungary, unless he/she requests that the certificate be forwarded to the Hungarian foreign diplomatic mission.

The consideration of the application, available legal remedy

What is the deadline for processing a citizenship certificate application?

An application for a citizenship certificate shall be processed by the Office of Immigration and Nationality within 60 days of receipt.

If the citizenship application is incomplete, or the applicant fails to attach the documents required for the consideration of the application, the proceeding authority may call upon the applicant to submit the missing documents within a specific deadline and may warn the applicant of the legal consequences of any default.

The deadline shall not include the time period between the call for submission of missing documents and the fulfilment of the submission obligation, and the time period between a request to another authority or state body and the reply to this request.

The deadline may be extended for sixty days on one occasion, if appropriate.

Is there any legal remedy available in the citizenship procedure?

The review of the findings contained in the citizenship certificate as well as the decisions (decrees, rulings) made in the procedure may be requested exclusively from the Metropolitan Administration and Labour Court within 30 days from the notification thereof.

The petition of claim must be submitted to the proceeding authority (Office of Immigration and Nationality).

Where can I find further information?

• You can visit our website:
• Questions can be asked by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• By phone: (1) 463-9118
• Via mail: 1903 Budapest, PO Box 314/24.

Relevant legal rules:

Act LV of 1993 on Hungarian citizenship and Government Decree No. 125/1993 on the implementation of the Act.


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