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Disclaiming of Hungarian citizenship

Dear Visitor,

We hereby inform you that citizenship, native registry and change of name matters previously assigned to the Office of Immigration and Nationality are transferred to the Prime Minister’s Office and to the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest as of 1 January 2017. From this date our new name is Immigration and Asylum Office.

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The termination of Hungarian citizenship – definitions

How may the Hungarian citizenship be terminated?

The Hungarian citizenship may be terminated by the applicant's own consideration, by renunciation thereof. The renunciation is a declaration submitted on the designated form, addressed to the president of the republic.

What are the legal conditions for the renunciation?

The Act on Hungarian citizenship sets out two conditions upon the acceptance of the renunciation:

• the applicant shall reside abroad, which means that he/she announced that he/she had established abroad, and he/she has no residence or place of stay in Hungary, or have never lived in Hungary and
• the applicant proves that he/she is also a citizen of another state, or is able to demonstrate the plausibility of acquiring a foreign citizenship (he/she has received an official promise of citizenship).

Eligible persons

Who is eligible to renounce his/her Hungarian citizenship?

Hungarian citizens residing abroad and fulfilling the statutory conditions set out for renunciation in the above Section 1 may renounce his/her Hungarian citizenship.

Submission of the application

Where and how the statement of renunciation may be submitted?

The statement shall be submitted in person on the designated application form in Hungarian to:

• to the Hungarian consular official, if possible,
• the district (capital district) office of the capital and county government offices,
• to the integrated customer service ("e-government"), or
• to the regional directorates of the Office of Immigration and Nationality.

On receipt of the statement, the official shall verify the applicant's identity and authenticate his/her signature.

Who may submit a statement of renunciation?

• persons of legal age and of full legal capacity (over 18 years of age) in person,
• on behalf of minors or persons with no legal capacity the statement shall be submitted by the legal representative.

The statement shall also be signed by persons of limited legal capacity, that is, children over 14 years of age, provided that the application also affects him/her. Children of legal age must submit a separate application even if they are living with their parents.


Click to the following link to download the form required for the filling of the application.

- Disclaiming of Hungarian citizenship

Forms in PDF can be downloaded and filled in handwritten:

- Disclaiming of Hungarian citizenship


Required attachments

Which documents shall be attached to the statement of renunciation?

In all cases, the statement shall be accompanied by the original

• birth certificate,
• proof of marital status (marriage certificate, final divorce decree, spouse's death certificate),
• proof of foreign citizenship documents (citizenship certificate issued by the competent authority of the foreign state or a valid foreign passport) or an official promise of citizenship,

• if the renunciation statement affects minor children also, both parents must sign the statement (the statement must be accompanied by a non custodial parent's approval, unless there are insurmountable obstacles to obtain his/her approval),

• those applicants who have not previously terminated their Hungarian residence or place of stay, along with submitting the statement of renunciation shall initiate termination of their residence in Hungary by filling out an address reporting card. (They shall mark section of "settlement abroad" on the address reporting card.)

The documents issued in a foreign language shall be accompanied by a certified Hungarian translation and - unless otherwise provided by the terms of an international agreement – shall be furnished with diplomatic or consular legalisation.

The consideration of the application, available legal remedy, restitution of Hungarian citizenship

How a decision is made in renunciation cases?

If the statutory requirements of the renunciation are met, the Office of Immigration and Nationality shall forward the draft of the decision to the minister of interior within 60 days. The minister shall submit a proposal to the president of the republic on the acceptance of the renunciation. The president of the republic shall issue a certificate attesting the termination of Hungarian citizenship through renunciation. The Hungarian citizenship shall cease on the date of issue of the certificate.

The statement of renunciation may be revoked by the applicant before the decision is made by the president of the republic. In this case, the procedure shall be terminated by the Office of Immigration and Nationality.

The certificate regarding the acceptance of the renunciation or the decision about the rejection of the application or the termination of the procedure shall be sent to the applicant by the consul.

The documents in proof of Hungarian citizenship in possession of the applicant (passport, identity card, citizenship certificate) shall be revoked by the consul prior to the delivery of the certificate regarding the acceptance of the renunciation.

Is there any legal remedy available in the procedure?

If the statutory requirements for renunciation are not met, the Office of Immigration and Nationality shall establish this fact within 60 days in a decision. The review of the decision may be requested from the Metropolitan Administration and Labour Court within 30 days from the receipt thereof.

The petition of claim must be submitted to the proceeding authority (Office of Immigration and Nationality).

May the Hungarian citizenship be restituted in case the person renouncing the Hungarian citizenship has not acquired foreign citizenship?

Within three years of the date of statement of renunciation the person who has not acquired the citizenship of the foreign state issuing the official promise of citizenship may request the restitution of his/her Hungarian citizenship. The application shall be submitted to the district office, to the integrated customer service, to the Hungarian consular official or to the regional directorates of the Office of Immigration and Nationality, addressed to the president of the republic. The application shall be accompanied by a certificate of the foreign authority having issued the official promise of citizenship stating that the applicant has not acquired the citizenship. The certificate regarding the acceptance of the renunciation shall also be attached.

The restitution of Hungarian citizenship shall be attested by a certificate issued by the Office of Immigration and Nationality.

Where can I find further information?

• You can visit our website:
• Questions can be asked by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• By phone: (1) 463-9118
• Via mail: 1903 Budapest, PO Box 314/24.

Relevant legal rules:

Act LV of 1993 on Hungarian citizenship and Government Decree No. 125/1993 on the implementation of the Act.

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