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Information on the use of Enter Hungary system for natural person clients and their authorized legal representatives




The National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (hereinafter referred to as the Directorate-General) is a body providing electronic administration with regard to Article 1.17. a) of Act CCXXII of 2015 on the General Rules of Electronic Administration and Trust Services. In order to ensure fast and efficient administration, the Directorate-General provides, in addition to the mandatory provisions of the law, the possibility of electronic administration for certain types of cases on the Enter Hungary electronic platform (, which can be submitted after a short registration.


The following applications for a residence permit for a period of stay exceeding 90 days and the notification of accommodation can only be submitted electronically, after electronic registration on the electronic platform for the initiation of aliens policing cases (Enter Hungary):

-          applications for the issue or renewal of a national permanent residence permit,

-          application for the issue or renewal of an EC permanent residence permit,

-          an application for an EC or EC residence permit or for an extension of a residence permit,

-          application for the issue of a certificate of registration,

-          application for the issue/renewal of a residence card,

-          application for the issue/renewal of a permanent residence card/long-term residence card, and

-          notification of accommodation.


You can also submit the following applications via the Enter Hungary online system:

-          residence permit,

-          birth registration,

-          temporary residence permit,

-          extension of a permanent residence permit,

-          extension of an immigration permit.


In the case of a legal representative or a legal person acting as a proxy, applications may be submitted only electronically, except for applications which cannot be submitted electronically by law (e.g. applications for residence permits and visas for residence permits issued by diplomatic missions and consular posts, applications for residence permits applied for on grounds of equity and submitted in the territory of Hungary).


Applications may NOT be submitted electronically if they are submitted at a diplomatic mission or consular post, or if the application for a residence permit submitted in the country is based on special and justifiable circumstances.

The procedure for applying for a residence permit may NOT be initiated by using the E-paper service.

No applications for official endorsement of invitation letters or for residence permits for the purpose of a visit can be submitted from 1 January 2023, these types of applications have been discontinued.


How to apply electronically:

-          Register on Enter Hungary;

-          Enter your details in the Enter Hungary application form;

-          Uploading the required attachments (e.g. face photo, form, travel document) and supporting documents (purpose of stay, livelihood, housing, health insurance, onward or return travel conditions, etc.);

-          Payment of the procedure fee (if required by law).


When submitting any application for a residence permit, please check whether there are any grounds for exempting you from the obligation to pay the fee. If the fee is not paid on the Enter Hungary platform, but the client is not exempted from paying the fee, the Directorate-General will send a notification of deficiency.

Please note that where the law requires personal appearance, the use of Enter Hungary does not exempt you from the obligation to appear in person before the Directorate-General.


An application submitted by an EEA national is deemed to have been filed if the fee has been paid and the following documents have been attached to the electronic application:

a. an identifiable page of the passport or the identity card,

b. a power of attorney in the case of a proxy procedure,

c. a specimen of the client's signature in the case of an application for the issue/renewal of a permanent residence card.

The application for a residence permit of a third-country national is only considered to have been lodged if the client as natural person or an authorised representative:

a. has attached to the electronic application

1. an identifiable page of the passport,

2. in the case of a proxy procedure, a power of attorney or an unilateral declaration of consent given to the principal employer,

3. a facial photograph,

b. has paid the fee provided the procedure is subject to a fee.

c.In the cases provided for by law, within 15 days of the confirmation of admission, the third-country national has appeared before the competent regional directorate for the purposes of verification of identity, taking biometric data and specimen signatures and recognition of documents.


Please note that you can book an appointment for a personal appearance at the Client Service by going to the "Book an appointment" section on the main page of the website of the Directorate-General . When making an appointment, it is obligatory to state your exact name and, in the case of electronic applications, the Enter Hungary number. Any different bookings will be cancelled by the Directorate-General.

The Directorate-General receives applications for residence permits via the Enter Hungary system, but it is also possible for the Directorate-General to send a request to the client or his/her authorised representative to complete any missing documents or data before the application is received. Once the application for a residence permit has been received, the procedure will start in accordance with the general rules, excluding the time needed to remedy the deficiencies


Contact will be made via the Enter Hungary system, using the e-mail address provided by the client during registration.


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