Notification about the validity period of residence documents

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Notification about the validity period of residence documents

9th of April 2020.


We hereby inform our Clients, that due to the epidemiological situation the validity period of the issued residence documents, permanent residence and immigration permits – except for the short-term visa and entry visa for receiving a residence permit – is automatically extended until the 45th day after the end of the emergency phase.


This concerns the following documents which were valid till 2400 on the 6th of April 2020. or expired on that day:

-          Permanent residence card

-          Residence card issued to third-country national family member of a Hungarian citizen

-          Permanent residence card for EEA nationals

-          Residence permit

-          Immigration permit

-          Permanent residence permit

-          Interim permanent residence permit

-          EC permanent residence permit

-          National permanent residence permit


This does not concern the residence documents which have already been expired


Please note that the the above mentioned residence documents have to be extended 30 days before their expiry date, so the application for the extension has to be submitted within 15 days after the end of the emergency phase.

We kindly request our Clients not to submit applications for the extension of the above mentioned residence documents at present.




The valid residence documents only enable the owner to the previously acquired rights, and are only automatically extended if all required conditions for the residence document are unchanged.


In case the required conditions for the issued residence document change (e.g. change of employer, change of position within the company, or e.g. a student would like to strart working) then it is necessary to submit an application for a new type of residence permit or to apply for the extension of the valid residence permit.


Please note that in case the conditions for acquiring the residence document stated by the law are no longer met it will still result in the withdrawal of the residence document.


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