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We hereby inform you that some parts of the text below is outdated. The text is currently being translated. Until that the Hungarian version is considered to be valid and up to date. Even the text is outdated, the forms below are current and ready to use.

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Office of Immigration and Nationality


An application for a letter of invitation can be submitted by
• a Hungarian citizen;
• an immigrant, settled third country citizen, or who has been recognised by Hungary as a refugee or a beneficiary of subsidiary protection, having a residence visa or a residence permit;
• a person having the right of free movement and stay; and
• a Hungarian or a foreign legal person or organisation with no legal personality, having a seat in Hungary



Inviter: a person entitled to undertake an obligation. In the letter of invitation, the inviter undertakes the obligation to provide to the invitee during his/her stay in the territory of Hungary accommodation and support, and – unless otherwise provided by the international agreement – to cover the costs of his/her health care and outward journey.

Third country citizen: non-Hungarian citizens and stateless persons except for persons having the right of free movement and stay (EEA citizens and family members accompanying, or joining to, an EEA citizen or a Hungarian citizen).

Stateless person: who is not recognised as a citizen in his/her own right by any state.



Requirements: a completed form, the required documents and the payment of the processing fee
Please note that when submitting the application to the authority, the applicant is required to appear in person, unless the foreigner is unable to appear due to his/her health condition.
The application for the provision of the letter of invitation with the approval of the authority can be submitted personally, or in the case of a legal person, though its representative, at the regional directorate – branch office – competent on the basis of the inviter's domicile, place of stay, or place of accommodation, or if the inviter is a legal person, on the basis of the place of its seat.
In an exceptional case, if it is justified by the inviter's health condition, an exemption from personal submission can be requested from the competent regional immigration authority.

The administrative service fee of the proceedings is HUF 4,000, which shall be paid with revenue stamp by the applicant.

The decision on invitation letter will be made by the regional directorate within 15 days, or if Hungary has a significant economic, cultural, scientific, or sports interest in the entry of the invited third country citizen, within 8 days.

In case of refusal the applicant can lodge an objection, which can be submitted at the authority that made the first instance decision within 15 days after the communication of the decision. The administrative service fee for appeal is HUF 5,500, which shall be paid with revenue stamp by the applicant.



Click to the following link to download the form required for the filling of the application.

- Invitation Letter

Forms in PDF can be downloaded and filled in handwritten:

- Invitation Letter


The provision of accommodation can be supported in particular with:

• a document certifying the ownership of the flat used for dwelling (e.g. a less than 30-day old copy of the title deed);
• a flat rental contract, or a proof of dwelling;
• a reservation at an accommodation establishment;
• in any other credible way.

The financial means to cover the costs of invitation can be supported in particular with the following documents:
• in the case of a natural person inviter:
 - a salary certificate issued by the employer;
 - an account balance statement, or an account statement;
 - a certificate of income issued by the tax authority;
• in the case of a legal person inviter:
 - a certificate issued by the tax authority;
 - an account balance statement, or an account statement.

During the procedure the immigration authority may request the submission of further documents in order to clarify the facts! The period of time that passes from the notice to submit additional documents until the request is fulfilled is not be taken into account in the administrative deadline.



The acting authority determines the validity of the invitation letter in days, taking into account the purpose and all circumstances of the invitation.

An invitation letter can be valid for a maximum of 365 days.



• Each copy of the invitation letter must be signed by the inviter.

• The authority issues the invitation letter to the inviter who must arrange for its sending to the invited foreigner.

• The invitation letter in itself does not entitle to entry into the territory on Hungary.

• The costs of enforcing expulsion must be borne by the expelled person, or if the financial means are unavailable to the expelled person, by the inviter.

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