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Claim Office


Operated by the Immigration and Asylum Office



Address: 1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 60., building: A, room:002

Postal address: 1903 Budapest, Pf. 314.

Phone: +36 1 463 9118

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Opening Hours

Wednesday 8:30-11:00 am


Jurisdiction, competence


The Immigration and Asylum Office (hereinafter: the Office) is an authority of national jurisdiction. In the competence of the Office, according to the § (4) of the joint instruction BM-KIM 9/2010. (IX. 29.) about the Organizational and Operational Regulations of the Office, belong the following tasks:


a)      The Office performs the tasks transferred to its authority by the Act on Hungarian Citizenship, and prepare the decisions about the citizenship belong to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior;

b)      Performs the tasks of the national registration transferred by the statutory instruments;

c)      Performs the tasks determined by the Act on Entry and Stay of Persons having the Right to Free Movement and Staying;

d)      As Aliens Policing Authority performs immigration tasks transferred by the statutory instruments;

e)      As Central Visa Authority liaises with other central authorities of Schengen states, makes a request to the national SIRENE office regarding SIS alerts and responds to requests made by SIRENE office;

f)        As Refugee Affairs Authority performs refugee proceeding transferred by the statutory instruments;

g)      As Passport Authority performs official tasks related to travel documents of persons with immigration, permanent residence permit or stateless persons, bilingual travel documents of recognised refugees, travel documents of beneficiaries of subsidiary protection or temporary protection;

h)      Performs the tasks of country of origin information service determined by the regulations;

i)        Implements tasks arising from migration-related international treaties, supervises and coordinates the implementation of readmission agreements, authorises escorted transits;

j)        Liaises with international organisations in the field of migration;

k)      The Office as central registry body performs the tasks entrusted to it by the Act I of 2010 on native registry and its implementing regulations.


The administrative order on complaint and public notification

Exclusive complaint and public notification is possible to submit at the complaint office.


The complaint is a request, which is directed to abolish individual rights or interest, and its implementation does not belong in the competence of the - in particular judicial, administrative procedures. Taking this into consideration, at the complaint office it is not possible to begin substantive administration, to perform, in particular to arrange pending cases


The public notification calls attention to such a circumstance, which remedy or adjustment serves the interest of the community or the whole society.


Written complaint and public notification (hereinafter referred to as the complaint) can be sent by postal address of the complaints department, by e-mail, by fax, or submitted in person during the opening times. The acquisition of the personally submitted complaint will be confirmed by the caseworkers at a copy of the complaint given to the customer,


The complaint may be submitted oral during the opening times. The oral complaint shall be recorded by the caseworker and submitted the copy of the complaint to the customer. The oral lodgment of the complaint is not possible by telephone.

The applicant should identify credible in lodgment of complaint because the Office may ignore the examination of the notification by unidentified person. In the interest of information on the result of the examination, the applicant shall give his written availability.


The appropriately documented complaint shall be examined by the Office within 30 days of the lodgment of the complaint. If the comprehensive examination of the complaint within 30 days is not expected to be possible, the complainant will be informed in written of the transfer of the completion date of the examination. The complainant will be informed without delay at the end of examination- except qualified data, and according to the law qualifying trade secret, economic or other secrets data - on the given written availability about the taken measure or its disregard with marking the reasons. The complainant will not be informed in written if he got oral information about the adjustment of the complaint and has acknowledged it.


The examination of the complaint or the public notification can be ignored by the Office, if the earlier one had the same content, submitted repeatedly by the same complainant or by unidentified person and if the complaint was submitted after 6 months from the awareness of the complained activity or omission. In case after one year lodged by the occurrence of the complained activity or omission shall be rejected without substantive examination.

If such complaint shall be submitted in writing to the Office, which examination the Office does not have any competence, the complaint shall be referred to the competent authority within 8 days by the Office next to the simultaneous notification of the complainant. If such complaint shall be submitted to the Office, which examination the Office does not have any competence, the complainant will be informed by the Office, the notification should be recorded in writing. In such a case the complaint shall not be referred and written notification shall not be sent, unless at the submission of the complaint it has been established that the Office has the obligation to act.

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