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The reception centre is an independent organisational unit having full power of disposition in terms of budget allocation chapter under the supervision of the director general. The director of the centre is a government official with the rank of senior department head who is substituted – if unavailable for any reason – by the deputy director of department head rank, or by the head of the financial department with regard to economic and financial matters. The premises of the reception centre are supervised by a public servant of administrator rank. The reception centre performs its professional duties under the supervision of the Directorate of Refugee Affairs.


 Tasks and responsibilities of the reception centre cover the following:

a) providing accommodation and services in accordance with the relevant legislation for foreign nationals requesting asylum, subsidiary or temporary protection, and for those already admitted;

b) fulfilling its statutory obligation to provide information and the obligation of reporting relating to the centre’s residents as provided for by legislation and the Office;

c) ensuring the rights of the centre’s residents and keeping records in accordance with the relevant legislation for the purpose of assessment of eligibility for aid and support provided under the relevant legislation;

d) providing for appropriate circumstances as specified by the Office for administrative proceedings;

e) co-operating with the municipal governments, non-governmental organizations and churches participating in providing services to refugees, and also with law enforcement agencies and national security services in order to perform its tasks specified in the relevant legislation;

f) making arrangements for health screening and primary healthcare services for the centre’s residents as prescribed by the public health authority;

g) organising programs for the centre’s residents for spending their free time efficiently;

h) providing common room, principally for the purpose of worship;

i) implementing the reception centre’s share of the programs and actions introduced for the purpose of integration of refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection;

j) promoting voluntary repatriation or departure to third countries;

k) providing information and guidance to help solve the everyday problems of the centre’s residents, as well as advisory services relating to life management, and providing help where appropriate for children to partake in public education.


In the territory of Hungary there are two reception centres, in Bicske and in Vámosszabadi. Further information is available at:






The Immigration and Asylum Office operates temporary reception facilities at Körmend.

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