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Immigration and Asylum Office

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The Immigration and Asylum Office was established as a nationwide, independent budgetary authority under the Ministry of Interior as Office of Immigration and Nationality on 1 January 2000 . Like in the most EU Member States, administrative duties related to asylum, citizenship and aliens policing issues are managed by one institution since the establishment of the Office. In accordance with the administrative reform efforts, the Office has been supplemented with regional bodies organised at territorial level since January 2002. The Ministry of Interior exercises supervisory control over the Office. After 1 January 2017 cases of nationality and requests of name changes will be proceed by Budapest Metropolitan Government Office, while cases of native registry including requests for approving new forenames will be proceed by Prime Minister's Office.

Currently, seven regional directorates and 24 offices are dealing with the applications of foreign citizens in Hungary. The significant number of clients is proved by the fact that the annual caseload of the Office has been over 1.2 million. The public officials of the Office are responsible for the entry, stay and settlement of foreign citizens, the asylum applications. Furthermore, the Office is responsible for making decisions in the cases of foreigners, who stay illegally in the territory of Hungary or commit other criminal offences, organising return of foreigners obliged for leaving the country, and providing assistance to return from a humanitarian point of view.

The Office runs asylum reception facilities in Vámosszabadi and Kiskunhalas  and closed asylum reception centres in Békéscsaba and Nyírbátor. Besides, a community shelter in Balassagyarmat provides housing for foreigners staying under aliens policing procedure. These facilities have been operating in full compliance with the European requirements and standards providing proper placement, food and basic health care for the foreigners. The Office provides recognised refugees living in Hungary different supplies and subsidies in order to facilitate their successful integration.

The Office manages the migration to Hungary with close collaboration with the Police, as well as the civil and military security services. The Office has built up a well-functioning cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and foreign representations on issuing visas for foreign citizens; with the educational institutions on enrolling foreign students; with the employment centres on hiring foreign employees and with the professional representative bodies on handling cases of foreign investors as well.

The Office has an outstanding relationship with the Regional Representation of the UNHCR and the National Office of the IOM and it keeps improving its cooperation with civil organisations, which provide assistance primarily in the field of integration, housing, service and legal protection of foreigners.

The administrative and supportive functions of the Office are complemented by intense tender activities both at central and regional level. The Office has expended approximately 10 million Euro grant for goals related to reception, integration and fight against illegal migration.

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