Conditions for lodging an APPLICATION FOR ASYLUM

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In accordance with Government Decree 233/2020 (May 26) on diverging measures relating to

the conditions for lodging an APPLICATION FOR ASYLUM



Personal scope of logding an application:

Present procedural rules apply to foreign nationals wishing to enter Hungary with the purpose of lodging an application for asylum.


Temporal scope of lodging an application:

Present procedure shall apply to declarations of intent submitted after May 26, 2020.


Way of lodging an application

Application shall be primarily submitted in person and in the form of a declaration of intent (hereinafter: declaration). The declaration addressed to the asylum authority can be submitted at a diplomatic representation of Hungary located outside of the Schengen Area (hereinafter: embassy) with the content defined and published by the asylum authority.


Procedure of lodging an application

  1. The declaration of intent is assessed by the asylum authority during which the authority may interview the foreign national present in person at the Embassy in the form of remote hearing.
  2. In case as a result of the assessment concluded by the authority the foreigner becomes eligible for a travel document entitling its holder to single entry to Hungary (hereinafter: travel document), the asylum authority informs the Embassy about this fact within 60 days in order to issue the travel document.

Based on the information provided by the asylum authority, the embassy of Hungary issues a travel document valid for 30 days, provided that the foreigner does not hold a permit for entry into Hungary.

3. In case the asylum authority does not support the issuance of travel document based on the assessment concluded, the authority informs the foreign national about this via the embassy.

4. During the procedure the asylum authority contacts the foreign national exclusively via the embassies.


Further rules for foreigners holding a travel document

  1. A foreign national holding a travel document shall confirm his/her intention to submit an asylum application to the border police authority immediately upon entry into the country.
  2. Border police shall bring the foreign national to the asylum authority within 24 hours at the latest.
  3. Asylum authority may issue an order to designate accommodation for the asylum seeker in a closed reception centre. Asylum authority shall determine subsequent accommodation in accordance with the general rules of the asylum procedure four weeks after the application has been lodged, provided that the conditions for ordering asylum detention are not met.


Specific measures

  1. Asylum application is not conditional on the submission of the declaration of intent referred to in the course of the procedure and general rules shall apply to the submission of the application in the following cases:

-          beneficiaries of subsidiary protection residing in Hungary,

-          family members of recognised refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection as defined in Asylum Act who were staying in Hungary at the time of the submission of the asylum application,

-          a person subject to a coercive measure or measures restricting personal liberty, unless he/she irregularly crossed the border of Hungary.

2. A foreign national crossing the border of Hungary irregularly – if indicates the intention to submit an asylum application – is directed by the police to the Hungarian embassy in the neighbouring country where the border crossing took place.


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Please be informed that you may request the issuance of your residence permit under transitional provisions of the new aliens policing legislation on the admission and residence of third-country nationals for one of the legal titles as per the new aliens policing legislation if you are a holder of a valid residence permit under the previous legislation. Please note that only applications for the issuance of a residence permit may be submitted in person or via the Enter Hungary system. The extension of a residence permit is not allowed under the transitional rules. An application for the issuance of a residence permit may be submitted 45 days before the date of expiry of the residence permit the soonest. In case of residence permits expiring between 1 March 2024 and 1 April 2024, an application for the issuance of a residence permit is to be submitted the latest on the last day within the validity period of the residence permit concerned.   


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